Here are some common questions about EKB


What Services do you offer?

Step into the world of Emily Kotarski Bridal, where your dream gown becomes a reality. From personalized wedding dress shopping experiences to custom designs, veils, accessories, and expert alterations, we are here to bring your bridal vision to life. Whether you purchased your dress elsewhere and are looking for your gown to be tailored to perfection, or have a clear vision that you can’t find at any other store, embark on a journey like no other with our talented team of designers. 

Where are you located?

We are located in downtown Charleston, SC on East Bay Street in the beautiful and historic Cigar Factory building. Our address is 701 East Bay Street Suite 405 Charleston, SC. 

Is there parking?

We are thrilled to offer on site parking for our clients in the Cigar Factory parking lot. 

Is your space handicap accessible?

Yes! There is an elevator in our building and it is handicap accessible!

Shopping for a dress

Do you have dresses available to try on in the store?

Yes! We have a wide variety of different styles of gowns from our past collections available to try on in store! We are able to manipulate any of the samples in order to allow brides to visualize what most custom changes would look like. We encourage our brides to bring up ideas on how they would want their dream dress to look which makes the design process a personal and collaborative experience!

What does a bridal appoinment look like at EKB?

Embark on a bridal journey like no other at Emily Kotarski Bridal, where creating your dream dress is a collaborative and personalized experience from start to finish. Our talented team of designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, incorporating your unique style preferences and design ideas into a one-of-a-kind gown that exceeds your wildest expectations. With a selection of styles to try on and personalized sketches based on your favorite elements, you’ll be able to visualize your perfect wedding day look before celebrating with champagne and taking your measurements to begin production. Let us make your bridal dreams come true!

How much does a custom gown cost?

We get this one a lot–how much is a custom gown, because it sounds expensive and it’s probably out of my budget. It’s actually not as costly as you think! Creating a custom gown directly with our team of designers ranges between $2,500 and $5,000 on average. This is the typical cost of a dress at any other bridal shop! We are able to sell directly to the consumer which cuts out any mark ups. When our brides give us their inspiration we can choose different laces or fabrics to show which would adhere to their specific budget.

How long does it take for my dress to be made?

A custom gown can take anywhere from 6-9 months on average depending on the level of detail on the dress. Alterations are included in the process of having a custom dress made in house and that typically adds 3 months to the end of the production timeline. If you need your dress made in less then 6 months we can take rush orders in some cases, so give us a call or text if you have a shorter timeline and we can see what we can do! 

Typically a year in advance is the best time to get the process started when shopping for a dress whether its custom or off the rack! 



Can I bring a dress from another boutique to be altered?
Absolutely! At Emily Kotarski Bridal, we welcome the opportunity to make your dream dress fit perfectly, even if it’s from another boutique. Trust our talented team to tailor your gown to perfection for your special day. Feel confident and beautiful in a dress that truly reflects your style and personality. Let us bring your vision to life with our expert alterations services.
How does pricing work for alterations?

At Emily Kotarski Bridal, we understand that every gown is unique, which is why our pricing structure is tailored to the individual needs of each bride. From intricate lace details to dramatic silhouette changes, our expert alterations team will ensure your dress fits perfectly for your special day. 

Our pricing packages range on average from $500-800 depending on the type of fabric the gown is made of, how it is constructed and the level of lace or beading on the dress. We will give you a price based on the amount of work needed when we see the dress in person at your first fitting.

How many fittings does it take for alterations?

Our standard fitting process is a personalized journey towards achieving the perfect fit for your dream dress. With three fittings, our expert team will ensure that every detail is meticulously tailored to your unique measurements and preferences. From pinning out adjustments to final tweaks, our fittings are a collaborative experience where your vision comes to life.

1. At your first fitting we pin the dress out for the changes you’re look for (ex. lift straps, take in bodice, take in waist and hips, mark the hem and bustle)

2. At your second appointment we make sure the fit of the dress is moving in the right direction. This is very much an in between appointment where we can still make adjustments and nothing is finalized quite yet.

3. At the final appointment you try the dress on one last time and any last minute fit tweaks are made during your appointment before you take your dress home!

How long do you recommend for wedding gown alterations?

We recommend a 3-6 month timeline for alterations on average. If you have more extensive design changes that you are looking to make to your dress then we recommend giving yourself at least 6 months for alterations. Custom alterations can come with unique challenges throughout the process and we want to give our seamstresses enough time to work through the changes thoughtfully and meticulously.

If your timeline requires a rush, we are typically able to accommodate with a rush fee. Reach out to us with any specific timing questions and we will see what we can make work for you.

I'm planning on hitting the gym before the wedding, should I wait to bring the dress in to start alterations incase my weight fluctuates?

At Emily Kotarski Bridal, we believe all our brides are stunning just as they are! We are a body positive studio, spreading good vibes and love for all brides and their dresses. If you’re thinking about altering your size before the big day, we still recommend starting alterations in the 3-6 month timeline. This way, we can tailor your gown to perfection throughout the process, even if you plan to lose more weight. Let us help you feel confident and beautiful in a dress that truly reflects your style and personality!

I'm still shopping for shoes, should I wait to come in to start alterations?

While having your shoes at your first fitting sets the process up best and we do prefer that you have your shoes for your first appointment, it is not required until your second fitting. We can begin other adjustments in the meantime such as lifting straps, tailoring the bodice and looking at bra cups during your first appointment and wait to mark the hem at your second. If you’re planning on going barefoot for a beach reception, we do not need shoes but if you’re planning on wearing flats we still ask that you bring them because each pair of flats tend to have a different amount of cushion or support.

If you do not have your shoes by your second fitting, we ask that you call to reschedule for a time when you will be able to bring them in or else there will be a fee for an additional fitting to mark the hem.


Who will be doing the work on my dress?

At EKB, our talented team of designers, fit experts, and seamstresses work together to bring your dream dress to life. Each member brings their unique strengths and skills to ensure that the best hands are on your dress throughout the entire process. From intricate lace details to dramatic silhouette changes, trust our team to tailor your gown to perfection for your special day. 

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