Have you ever heard the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child?” Conceptualizing a bridal collection and bringing it to life is a bit like that, and its photoshoot is basically graduation. Collaboration with local vendors helped bring out the magic in our look book photoshoot!


The Emily Kotarski Signature Bridal Collection was complemented perfectly with an ivory bouquet by Purple Magnolia and elegant accessories from Candy Shop Vintage. In this collection, the emphasis was on the customizability of each gown. Although two dresses might be the same in structure, they could look completely different depending on choices made by the bride! Our photographer, Jennifer Collins, expertly captured the sequence of trying on a base gown, then adding different skirts, bodice styles, and embellishments.

So much can be done with every dress. You might start with the basic Spring gown, then add a keyhole bodice, sleeves, and some traditional alençon lace. It’s always exciting to see what people dream up!


Photography: Jennifer Collins, Flowers: Purple Magnolia, Accessories: Candy Shop Vintage, Model: Brienne Friedman, Hair and Makeup: Lashes and Lace and Hillary Parker,