Comfort can be Key:

when Shopping for a Wedding Gown

Something that is rarely discussed when shopping for a wedding gown is comfort. Seldom would a bride ask herself while trying on gowns “will I be comfortable in this for 8+ hours?” Usually we focus more on the aesthetic aspects of the dress, and I’m not saying those details aren’t important, I just think that these days, with such a wide range of popular fabrics and designs, comfort also should be an important factor.

Not every bride is going to find this important. There is a scale I see brides fall on. One end of the scale is comfort is key, and very important. This bride may be a dancer, she may be a foodie, she may just simply want to kick back and relax on her big day and not feel like the dress is wearing her but instead she has slipped on a second skin. On the other end of the scale is the bride who is focused more on the aesthetic appeal of a gown. She wants to look snatched, she wants jaws to drop, and she doesn’t care if this comes with feeling like the dress is tighter then other things she’s used to wearing or if it means skipping some of the appetizers. There is no right or wrong answer to which end of the spectrum you fall on. I assure you that either type of bride will look and feel absolutely fabulous and bring a level of ease and confidence to each person. So how can we keep this thought in mind when trying on dresses to make sure you end up with a dress that fits whatever end of the spectrum you want to be in.

This brings us to why structure, support and corsetry is something that will be important to know a little about prior to shopping. There are many different styles on the market right now ranging from simple, silky slip dresses to a fully structured corset that stands up on its own. The obvious point here is that the slinky dress is going to fall more on the comfort end of the spectrum and the corseted bodice is going to be more structured and hold more support. But how do you choose if you fall somewhere in the middle?

First of all not all corsets are made the same, or should be thought of as the same, just as not all slip dresses have the same amount of slink.

Specifically if you fall in love with a strapless corseted dress that has an aline, full and flow skirt, you may think “awesome, I can relax, enjoy all this amazing food and dance the night away.” What some brides don’t know is that in order to make your dress defy gravity and sit on your body without the need to pull it up every 5 minutes the waist of that corset is going to have to be fitted just right on your waist, and just right means slightly tighter then what your typical dress is fit to or how the waist of your jeans usually feels. In turn, this means the dress is going to feel a little snug. If that is something you’re ok with feeling then this is definitely the perfect style of dress for you. If clothes feeling a little tight makes you feel suffocated or more anxious in any way then I might suggest rethinking this choice. Spaghetti straps to hold the dress up or some sort of strap customization might be the right route for you in order to allow the fit of your gown to feel the most comfortable while also allowing the dress to stay in the right place.

So when shopping for your dress, don’t just look in the mirror but think how does the fabric feel on your skin? How do the bones in the corset feel on your waist? Do you feel like you can move freely and dance the night away if that is important to your idea of the perfect wedding day? How the dress feels on you is just as important as how it looks because you’ll want to feel like you’re floating on a cloud for the entire day instead of walking around in a straight jacket.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you find the perfect wedding dress! 


Emily Kotarski